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weekly snaps 2

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This week a few pictures taken during a lazy Sunday in Ziano Piacentino. Good wine there, and a first experience using an old manual focus Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 which I had modified to AI-S to use it on my D7000.





Ok, so this one was obviously not taken with the 85mm but with my Tokina 12-24 f …

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reversed lens hood

Emphasis is mine:

Shoot from the hip and sort it out later in Photoshop; this is a slippery slope plunging inevitably towards the depths of despair and devastating loss of self-esteem that comes with shooting on program mode with a high ISO, no tripod and a reversed lens hood. The latter is the photographic equivalent of wearing socks with sandals …

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weekly snaps 1

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Inspired by Pindelski’s blog1 here’s my first collection of snaps, something that I’ll try to honour as a weekly appointment.

There will not be a common theme or anything like that, and I cannot promise to post new snaps every week (most of the times I have a feeling that it will be stuff from my …

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iphone black and whites

I’m a believer now: with an iPhone (4S) and a nice cool application such as Snapseed, you can really get good shots. I hesitate to call them ‘artistic’ even if other people may do so. That’s not art to replicate the look of a heavily pushed Kodak Tri-X, but they are cool nonetheless.

I should write something more …

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A Bologna c’è troppa gente in giro.


La cucina è quella semplice che a me piace; da Annamaria ho gustato delle tagliatelle buone come quelle che mangiai quando venni la prima volta qui, in occasione di un Motorshow assieme a Francesco (la sua fidanzata, poi diventata moglie, si chiama Annamaria, e sono sempre rimasto col dubbio in testa se …

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Yesterday evening I had the idea of taking a few shots during this special edition of Critical Mass Milano (special because it was the 10th year anniversary). It’s carnival time too so I figured there would have been good photo opportunities.

But I have a huge backlog of photos to check, catalog and process, so the last thing I …

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salviamo i ciclisti

Mi piace, aderisco, che altro posso fare adesso? Leggetevi qui sopra la proposta, e guardate come alcuni originali vanno in giro a Milano per evitare tristi conseguenze.


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finale superenduro

Last October I’ve spent a great weekend riding and racing (and eating!) in Finale Ligure with Phil, Will and Fiona. I’ve collected all photos on flickr:







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Burj Khalifa in Dubai, tallest building in the world (828m!).

And this is a little video shot between Milano, Munich and Dubai, 5x5 vimeo-style (i.e., 5 sec clips put together with no background musico or other editing; the original project was called 5x5 because at the end you get a 25 secs movie, but what I did here is …

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Sabato mi sposo! Mi sposo con Giulia.

Ne ho fatte tante con lei, e tantissime altre conto di farne.


In bici e moto:




Parco dei Cento Laghi, Appennino parmense.


Sardegna con la Multistrada.

Al mare:





E in montagna:


Giro del Monte Bianco.

Half Dome

Yosemite valley, Half Dome.


Scialpinismo in Val di Fiemme.

E questo è solo l’inizio. Ne faremo …

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First experiments with the Pinwide by Wanderlust. I used it for a few shots last weekend, tried to use it as a normal lens during a bike ride from Milano to Lecco along the river Adda. I soon realized that pinhole photography needs far more care and attention to get satisfying results (for other unsatisfying results see also this flickr …

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bari nel nostro cuore

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Bari nel nostro cuore” (Taken with instagram)

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Had a great day of riding last Saturday. Woke up at 6:30am, took the 7:39 train to Sestri Levante. Three hours or so, and then here I am in Sestri; cool breeze, warm sunshine, I started following the Superenduro signs. Here’s a few pics that sum up the day.

Sestri Enduro 2011 prove

Where all the special stages begin.

And PS1 …

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finesettimana sulla neve

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Fine settimana sulla neve riassunto in tre foto.

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Denver Boulder

Ho raccolto in un fotoset su flickr alcune foto scattate durante l’ultimo mio viaggio in America. Sono stato prima a Denver per una conferenza poi a Golden per una riunione alla Colorado School of Mines.

In mezzo, ci ho ficcato un weekend a Boulder che ero curioso di visitare, visto che ne parlano tutti come della capitale dell’outdoor …

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making the glif

The Russians Used a Pencil: Idea to Market in 5 Months: Making the Glif

I wish I had an iPhone 4 just to have a glif.

On July 11th, 2010, Tom Gerhardt and I had an idea for an iPhone accessory: a tripod mount that doubled as a stand. Five months later, customers began to receive our product, the Glif …

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notes at a work meeting

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Notes taken during a work meeting (Taken with instagram).

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snowboarding day 7

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Snowboarding, 7th day (Taken with Instagram at Alpe Lusia).

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Monte Bianco, 18-19 settembre 2010

Le previsioni meteo danno bel tempo per il sabato. Arrivo a Courmayeur alle 12, in netto ritardo sul mio piano originario che mi voleva pronto sulla bici alle nove del mattina. E, naturalmente, piove. Ma sono qui, due ore e mezza di auto, che faccio — mi tiro indietro ? Sicuro che prima o poi il sole …

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it was unintentional

I swear it was unintentional. Second post straight after [this one where I blurbed about my next camera](({filename}, and here it is, the GF-1 in my hands.

So how did it happen: I spent last weekend in Livigno for some mountain biking. On Sunday afternoon, half an hour before end of business, I went into a …

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