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after a long pause

This is a short post just to let the readers know that I am ready to be back on track with some brand new content — and apologies for not being very active these past few months here or on my other channels like twitter or Google+.

I have been busy with moving to the new house, stay with my family …

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In other words: good reasons to avoid using “Ph.D” and other titles appended to your email.

From an article on the New York Times about the latest Spider-Man movie (the one filmed by Marc Webb):

Gwen Stacy asks Peter Parker if he likes branzino: you know, “Like, the fish?”.
Then she invites him to dinner, where everyone is saying …

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oltre kickstarter

Quando diventi grande e hai la famiglia, il lavoro… le biciclette e la fotografia e l’hackintosh e i fumetti da leggere… perdi colpi, non sei più al corrente delle novità che ci sono su internet, e ti riduci a credere che kickstarter sia l’unico sito di finanziamento popolare1.

E invece no! ce ne sono altri, addirittura italiani …

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direttamente dal cassetto

Attenzione, arriva una serie di appunti che butto lì, tanto per levarli dall’eterno stato di DRAFT.

Il primo ad esempio lo scrivevo a febbraio 2012 (rileggendolo, lo trovo ancora attuale):

situazione della città di milano addì 14 febbraio 2012

  • il portafoglio dei possessori di porsche carrera 4 GTS e Cayenne è sempre ricolmo.

  • diffidate delle buone intenzioni diffuse sui …

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dogs chasing fake rabbits

Somewhere, behind the sad story of Lance Armstrong and his team mates doing EPO and other shit to dominate professional cycling, lies the reason behind my personal preference of a certain kind of sport.

Ask a MotoGP rider do drugs; or a mountain biker doing an downhill or enduro race; or a climber on a vertical wall in the Dolomites …

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xkcd click and drag wallpapers

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Click and Drag, the amazing xkcd cartoon that went online a few days ago, was fascinating and threw me back to the worlds I used to explore when I was a kid (through videogames obviously).

I selected a few places and made 1920x1080 captures to use as wallpapers for my 24” monitor. They’re clean, not distracting, and inspirationals (the …

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salviamo i ciclisti

Mi piace, aderisco, che altro posso fare adesso? Leggetevi qui sopra la proposta, e guardate come alcuni originali vanno in giro a Milano per evitare tristi conseguenze.


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moving to calepin

I moved my tumblr log to calepin.

The reasons for doing it ? I like the idea of having finally all my posts under control and not having to resort to a web interface. It’s faster and cleaner. I might do the same with my other blog,, where I keep longer and more articulated posts.

I also …

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she is snoring

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I’ve posted some other shots all on the same theme in this other post to celebrate my upcoming wedding.

And she is snoring in the other room right now.

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Sabato mi sposo! Mi sposo con Giulia.

Ne ho fatte tante con lei, e tantissime altre conto di farne.


In bici e moto:




Parco dei Cento Laghi, Appennino parmense.


Sardegna con la Multistrada.

Al mare:





E in montagna:


Giro del Monte Bianco.

Half Dome

Yosemite valley, Half Dome.


Scialpinismo in Val di Fiemme.

E questo è solo l’inizio. Ne faremo …

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idea per una torta

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Idea per una torta a forma di bici.

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egypt and the terrorists

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Last Thursday I arrived in the States, and I went through the usual US border immigration procedure. The agent, after careful examination of my passport with lots of Egyptian visa stamps, says:

  • Been to Egypt a lot, ah ?

  • Yes, a few times but it’s been more than a year since my last time.

  • So you haven’t been there …

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google doodle italy

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Aways enjoyed Google’s doodles. This one is dedicated to my beloved/hated country, so I thought to hold on to it and put it here.

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tech bloggers and xkcd

Randall is one of my favourite authors. This comic here sums up perfectly my current feelings about tech bloggers (also read this rant that I wrote some time ago).

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links on this nuclear thing

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How the story went first of all: the Japan Syndrome, appeared on The Economist on March 15th.

Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl by William Tucker.

Radiation dose chart by Randall Munroe, inspired by this page written by his friend Ellen.

About Godzilla then, this is a must read: Japan’s Long Nuclear Disaster Film by Peter W. Kirby.

And …

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I would like to move to some place neat in the future, maybe a place where the outdoors are close and people are friendly and the quality of life is great (maybe everybody dreams about a place like this).

Vancouver seems to be that place, however it would be difficult to find a job there unless I change profession and …

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making a really good coffee

Making a really good coffee

Interesting post on Scientific American, however this barista needs a reality check: a refractometer to make coffee ? I’d recommend a couple of place in my hometown (Bari) where baristas have no PhD but make the best coffee ever.

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english writers

I love tech bloggers such as Gruber, Brooks, Arment. Even if there really is nothing in common between me and those guys except for a generic interest in technology and nerdism, I still love their passion, the public interactions on twitter and instagram (true, sometimes their shots are not really worth much praise, but praised they are), and in some …

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