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Yes I know, the last post before this one is dated March 2015.

But stuff happened, and I will write another time about our recent move to Norway. This is just a brief post to mark the day that I have finally uploaded to github the latest iteration of my Jekyll blog.

If you fancy a bit of history, in 2012 I moved my blog to github & jekyll, then in 2013 I made some radical changes to the layout.

Wait a second — the title says last not latest. That’s not a typo; in fact I am playing right now with Pelican which is yet another static site generator like Jekyll (current platform I’m using). So there is a chance that right now I will lose some more sleep trying to make the transition to Pelican.

The sane part of me is obviously saying to just let it go and concentrate on reviewing the twenty or so drafts I have, to actually write the other things I have in mind, and what about the hundreds of photo series I want to polish and publish? Perhaps the sane part of me is too quiet.

Anyway, this is what this website looked yesterday: