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I have had this Nikon FM2 lying around in my house for some time now. It has not seen much action though.

You see, I started taking photos when I was sixteen or seventeen with a Yashica FX3, and I don’t really have any kind of nostalgia for those times when I had to wait days before realizing I missed a certain shot, or that I focused on that insignificant detail behind my subject.

But this Nikon is a lovely piece of metal, so I said to myself, let’s put some film in and give it a go. After a few half-assed attempts using expired film, I loaded a roll of Fuji Acros 100 back in September 2014, shot with it on a couple of occasions, and a couple of weeks ago I finally got it developed.

And was I surprised to see the results! Was I excited to look at these pictures that I almost forgot having taken.

I am never going back to film. I am not going to declare that film has some mythical quality.

But let me tell you, I may start bringing this old Nikon along more often from now on.

And it will be loaded with this Acros 100 black and white.


A mother.
Dylan, days before leaving for South America.
Vale in a box.


Parma, La Pilotta 1.
Parma, cobblestones in piazza Duomo.
Parma, La Pilotta 2.


Mountain behind a window 1.
Mountain behind a window 2.
Sara and Vale.