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rock physics templates

Yesterday I started to write a little background story to introduce a post on how I use Python and how fun and creative that is. However, the “little background story” started to grow and became something else entirely, so I decided to cut off the science part and leave it for this post here.

So here we are: this post …

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geoscience and python

Since I picked up Python a couple of years ago I have enjoyed my everyday job more and more. It’s like being thrown back to my 12-year old self playing with a ZX Spectrum or Commodore-128, when all I wanted was to create videogames or do some other stuff1; only back then I didn’t have the perseverance and the excuses that I have now.

Excuses” is a fine word for what I do; I am assigned a task (or sometimes I go looking for one), and I see this task only as an excuse to solve the problem in a way that I see fit. So if there’s even a hint of repetition I will go and write a for-loop to do that. If I need to use a dumb-ass software that I don’t like I will write the dumb-ass piece of code myself2. Etc.

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get those flickr urls

Warning: this is serious nerdy stuff. Not for the faint of heart. Carry on reading if:

  • you know what Python is
  • you have a blog, but not the easy kind like Tumblr or Blogger, something that allows you to write in HTML (or Markdown), e.g. Pelican or Jekyll
  • you have a Flickr account and want to post links to photos or albums in said blog
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