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Obviously I remember quite clearly this photo and the entire NYT photo essay on Cuba . I remember it because it also came up on TOP along with a pretty much sterile discussion about how truthful or not were the color rendition in these photographs:

I went to Cuba for a short holiday with my family a couple of months after I’d read this essay, did my thing with a camera like I always do, and only recently picked my best photos and published them here on my blog.

Last week I then read about the World Press photo awards, zero interest whatsoever about that ugly photo that won the first prize (that one with the killer of some Russian diplomat in Turkey), but my interest was in that particular essay on Cuba that (deservedly so) won some prize. I finally discovered the name of the author, Tomás Munita, which strangely enough did not appear anywhere on that NYT page when it first came out months ago (but now it does; I hope I’m not mistaken, but many other commented on the same TOP post about the lack of authorship so they all went batshit crazy about that).

Anyway, I was in the bathroom this morning when I suddenly remembered something about that particular photo of the crowd watching a cockfight near Viñales. I opened my laptop and went to my photos of Cuba and looked again at the photo I took of that guy at the tobacco plantation. It’s him! The same guy featured at the centre of that photo on the NYT!

2016-05-19: 1/250 sec. at f/2.8, ISO 1600, 35 mm (35.0 mm f/1.8, NIKON D600).