October 2016, I finally get the chance to ride my Nicolai Mojo in a proper setting. And what a test it has been!

I have been riding for seven days straight on some wonderful trails mostly around the Huesca province in Spain, south of the Pyrenees. That means mostly Ainsa, for the more knowledgeable bikers, that may remember the 2015 Enduro World Series race.

And yes I should mention the geological significance of Ainsa too. In fact, I have been in this part of the world years ago — around 2006 if memory serves well — but honestly the emotions you get from riding on these rocks are way above those you get from studying them.

The photographs below are those that I like the most. A wider selection is online on this flickr album.


Just arrived, waiting for a lift.
Isidoro at La Posada de Villalangua (plus a scary dutchman).
Borja and Antonio.
Sandy between Paolo and Molly.

the tools


before the ride

the ride


Breakfast at la Posada de Villalangua, five minutes before.
Breakfast at la Posada de Villalangua.
Hungry dutchman.
Biggest moka ever.
Lunch at the end of the trail.

the scenery

The Army.
The pool.
One morning, from the window.
A bike waiting outside.
Moon and photographer.
La Peña Montañesa.
Sunrise from Ainsa.
Sunset from Ainsa.
La Peña Montañesa from Ainsa.
Once again (it really is a beautiful mountain).
Rather conventional.
What is waiting for us.