During 2014, I took one photo a day of my daughter Valentina.
My daughter was two and a half years old on the first of January 2014. I wanted to create something that she could treasure when she is older.
I did not set out every day to take the most amazing and compelling and significant photo of her.
Life went on as usual in 2014, only I had my camera always close.
All the photographs are in colour, but I did create a little extra collecting some black and white that I particularly liked; so at the end I have more than 365 photographs.
The project was only completed several months after the end of 2014 because life happens in the middle and printing and glueing and making these homemade books wasn’t that quick.
These four large journal are now sitting at the top of a shelf in our house.

See also this page for a brief note I wrote at the beginning of the project.