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But street photography is about shooting people, and if you can’t get close to them to take your photograph, then you’re just not connecting with your subjects to begin with. It’s that intimate connection that really makes a difference in street shots. As Robert Capa once said: “If your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not ...

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only two street photos

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I want a Fuji XE-1. But I would not complain if I had an X-Pro 1. So there’s this contest where you can win an X-Pro 1 with the 35mm f/1.4, you just need to send two photographs and hope for the best.

I know that it’s totally delusional to even hope for the best ...

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oltre kickstarter

Quando diventi grande e hai la famiglia, il lavoro… le biciclette e la fotografia e l’hackintosh e i fumetti da leggere… perdi colpi, non sei più al corrente delle novità che ci sono su internet, e ti riduci a credere che kickstarter sia l’unico sito di finanziamento popolare1.

E invece no! ce ne sono altri, addirittura italiani ...

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direttamente dal cassetto

Attenzione, arriva una serie di appunti che butto lì, tanto per levarli dall’eterno stato di DRAFT.

Il primo ad esempio lo scrivevo a febbraio 2012 (rileggendolo, lo trovo ancora attuale):

situazione della città di milano addì 14 febbraio 2012

  • il portafoglio dei possessori di porsche carrera 4 GTS e Cayenne è sempre ricolmo.

  • diffidate delle buone intenzioni diffuse sui ...

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weekly snaps 13

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Ziano Piacentino, part two. Part one is in Weekly snaps #2.






Looking back at Weekly snaps #2 I can see some photographs that are similar, but not quite:

_D7K3228 Old, manual focus 85mm AI-s, fully metal build and “made in Japan”.

_D7K9486 New plasticky autofocus 85mm series ‘G’ here.

_D7K3186 Black and white.

_D7K9499 Color.

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una domenica con valentina


Una domenica qualunque nella vita di una bimba di cinque mesi.

_D7K0675 - Version 3

_D7K0705 - Version 3

_D7K0811 - Version 3

_D7K0867 - Version 3

_D7K0871 - Version 3

_D7K0565 - Version 3

_D7K0578 - Version 3

_D7K0588 - Version 3

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notturno barese

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This is Bari by night, shot with Hueless on an iPhone 4S.

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Basilica di San Nicola.

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Garbage and lungomare

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Arco di San Giovanni

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Night life is only beginning

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Barbed wire

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

La muraglia.

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Panni stesi.

Bari di notte durante le vacanze di Natale

Lights on the sea.

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weekly snaps 12

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Second part of my selection of film photos (see weekly snaps #11 for the first batch). I figured that this double bill could be a way to compensate for the entire month gone by without any updates.

I will be off the grid for a couple of weeks for some family holiday from tomorrow, and hopefully I will have time ...

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weekly snaps 11

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The black and white, London edition (yes, there’s also one taken on the Dorset coast so it’s not 100% London). Issue #12 will be online on Friday with a second batch of film photographs.


Marsyas exhibition(?), Tate Modern, London. Nikon F70, 35mm f/2(?), Kodak Tri-X 400.


Tate Modern, London. Nikon F70, 35mm f/2(?), Kodak Tri-X 400 ...

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fuji test day


Last Sunday Fuji organized a test event in Milano, so I grabbed the opportunity to play with the XE-1 for a good fifteen minutes.

The event was a crowd-pleaser; a perfectly lit1, beautiful model striking sexy-annoyed poses for all those who were interested in this type of photography (a good number, from what I could see). Two street ...

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weekly snaps 10

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It just happened that all the past “weekly snaps” have featured photos linked by some sort of thread or connection. But my original idea was to collect random shots as I wrote at the beginning.

So today I was resolved in finding a few shots that I liked, with nothing to link them; I went from folder to folder in ...

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June 2012, my wife Giulia is 7 months pregnant and we’re having our last holiday together, before the baby comes and wipes clean our current life1.

We drive our van to Elba, a beatiful island off the coast of Tuscany, just before the hoards of tourists take over the whole place. We spend these 7 days camping in ...

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dogs chasing fake rabbits

Somewhere, behind the sad story of Lance Armstrong and his team mates doing EPO and other shit to dominate professional cycling, lies the reason behind my personal preference of a certain kind of sport.

Ask a MotoGP rider do drugs; or a mountain biker doing an downhill or enduro race; or a climber on a vertical wall in the Dolomites ...

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the little ipad

I wrote something about this little iPad a while ago, and on reading again that piece I find that it still represent my thoughts today. Yesterday Apple held the official announcement and among other cool things1 there was the iPad mini.

I’m disappointed by two things; first is the lack of the retina display, but I now understand ...

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weekly snaps 9

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I have been doing some experiments with this “stitching-bokeh” method; a neat idea to get the look of a medium-format camera but it takes too much computer work to get a good result; this is one of my attempts, definetely not as flashy as Brenizer’s, and I am pretty sure only a minimal percentage of viewers would spot something ...

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Si tratta probabilmente dell’unica mostra a cui vado volentieri. È a Milano fino al 18 dicembre, ed è scontato consigliarlo a tutti gli appassionati di fotografia.

Rispetto all’edizione del 2009 che vidi a Londra, le foto qui sono stampate e non visualizzate su pannelli LCD retroilluminati; all’epoca mi colpì molto la resa su questi schermi retroilluminati (non ...

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Qualche tempo fa cercavo uno sfogo per la mia fotografia. L’ho trovato pubblicando i miei weekly snaps; collezioni atematiche di fotografie scattate in diverse condizioni temporali, geografiche ed emozionali. O, evitando il pretenzioso vocabolario da pseudo artista e usando parole più terra terra, raccolta di foto prese un po’ a casaccio dai miei archivi.

In questi post periodici mostro ...

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Simili ma non uguali. Questo è quello che tiravamo fuori io e Dylan bighellonando per Berkeley un paio di settimane fa.

Dylan ed io abbiamo lavorato assieme per quattro anni a Londra, e siamo diventati amici. Siamo rientrati in Italia quasi contemporaneamente ma io a Milano, lui a Trento. E la fotografia Dylan l’ha scoperta dopo il suo rientro ...

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olympus c(r)ap lens

It might be quirky and it might be cool but I would argue this is something which should not appeal to anybody apart from facebook photographers.

I’m talking about the 15mm Olympus body c(r)ap lens.

The reasons are two:

  1. judging from the shots which you can see here the quality is abysmal. But you have to look ...
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weekly snaps 8

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Special edition today, featuring only iPhone photos.


Tiles, Parma. iPhone 4S, Instagram.


Morning breakfast. iPhone 4S, Snapseed.


Haunted house #1, Boschi di Carrega, Sala Baganza (PR). iPhone 4S, Snapseed.


Haunted house #2, Boschi di Carrega, Sala Baganza (PR). iPhone 4S, Snapseed.


Stefano. iPhone 4S, Instagram.

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